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What makes animated videos useful to you?

They draw attention
to your product and keep the viewers interested

They explain
and convey the value of your product in an easy-to-understand manner

They increase
trust in the company and its products

They increase your website
or your social network accounts conversion


Our journey has begun with creating cartoon videos based on the best business books. We have learned to 'compress' entire books and convey the most potent ideas in them with the help of videos. Today we 'pack' our customers' products and ideas into short, understandable, and eye-catching videos. We elaborate on all the details, create the author’s illustrations, write our music, and thoroughly edit our videos.

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Our team



Project Founder and Leader



Creates the vision of your video and 'animates' it


Managing Partner

Examines your business and coordinates the video creation process



Creates a structure and goal-oriented video script



Ensures that there are no errors or inconsistencies in the text of the video


Voiceover actor

Provides voiceovers and puts his talent into conveying the video's mood


Artist & Illustrator

Creates and draws characters and episodes for your video


Artist & Illustrator

Creates and draws characters and episodes for your video


Sound engineer

Creates the author's music for video and provides audio mixing

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Providing a convenient showcase of your competitive edge

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Increasing trust in your company, explaining its significant strengths

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Highlighting the value of the project, making a "how it works" video

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Helping your company adopt new products swiftly

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Examples of our animated videos

The Rybakov Foundation

The Rybakov Foundation brings together people who are ready to help change the social and educational environment for the better.

Together we can stop waiting for the future and start making it.

International Pedagogical Forum

The International Pedagogical Forum IPF-2019 is the most significant event for teachers from around the world.

«Hell Week» by Erik Bertrand Larssen

Summary of Erik Bertrand Larssen's book "Hell Week: Seven Days to Be Your Best Self"

Hell Week is a military-inspired yet accessible guide to making the critical changes necessary for long-term professional and personal success.

«Mind Power Into the 21st Century» by John Kehoe

Summary of John Kehoe's book "Mind Power Into The 21st Century"

John Kehoe has articulated a set of life-changing principles for charting a course to success and happiness.


DBeaver is a universal database management tool.

It is used over the world and is convenient for any profession.

Smart City. Urban future technology

The “Smart City” platform ensures:
1) Digital transformation of the regional security framework integrating data from any systems and paying attention to all the business process features;
2) Automation and speeding up the decision-making.

North For You

Video for the company "North for you"

Fired up with the desire to see one of the most beautiful natural phenomena - the northern lights?
In this video, we’ll show you how to make your dream come true.

Packing factory

Video for the company GlazovPak Packing Factory

Motion video with animation elements to demonstrate the company’s working conditions

Crossbow Federation of Russia

Video for the Crossbow Federation of Russia in English

Doodle video with animated elements for visual demonstration of the rules for using a sports field crossbow

Shooting club. Rules of conduct | Doodle video for business.

Doodle video with animation elements for visual demonstrations of the rules of behavior in the shooting club


Video for EpayS online bank.
We tell about a cryptocurrency and fiat money platform with the full functionality of a bank.


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The process of working on your video

We study your business and make a brief

We create a structure and a full-fledged video script

We select a voice talent and voice over the video

We draw illustrations and animate them

We write unique music for your video

We edit and send you the final version of your video

Choose the most suitable format

Doodle video
from 2500,00 USD
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Hand-drawn realism
from 5000,00 USD
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Cartoon Animation
from 2500,00 USD
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Motion design
from 2500,00 USD
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Shooting and Infographics
from 2500,00 USD
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Author's projects
from 5000,00 USD
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Video testimonials of our clients

Tatyana Georgievna Grishacheva

Tatyana Georgievna Grishacheva

Researcher of the laser medicine center

Galina Bogdanova

Galina Bogdanova

Founder of the Zuboteka online store

Julia Filippova

Julia Filippova

Founder of the Center for Podology

Tatyana Georgievna Grishacheva

Tatyana Georgievna Grishacheva

Researcher of the laser medicine center

Order a one-minute video from 2500,00 USD

In two weeks, you receive:

  1. videos for YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, TV or corporate website;
  2. author’s drawings and a soundtrack created specifically for your video.


  • Video for YouTube and websites: Full HD 1920×1080, mp4;
  • or video for Instagram: Full HD 1080×1080, mp4;
  • slides for video: 1920×1080, png.

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How to place an order for a video?
Send e-mail or call: We will discuss all the details and start working on your video.
What is Doodle Video?
Doodle video - this is a cartoon video. We will thoroughly pack and effectively convey information about your product or company in the form of a video.
How do I know the right length of my video?
We will discuss together the peculiarities of your niche, product or service, the goals and channels of your video placement. Upon discussing the features and getting recommendations of the experts, we determine the appropriate duration of your video.
Can you draw people or objects based on some photos that I’m going to send you?
We can create illustrations based on any photos or pictures, if they fit into the script of the video. The more live scenes and people, the better.
How does the process of creating my video look like?
  • You fill in the brief. We clarify all the questions that remain somewhat unclear to us. It is important for us to understand your business, product, purpose of the video and the target audience for which it is created.
  • We create the structure of your future video and write the script.
  • We draw all the illustrations.
  • We use the voice talent that you like best and that fits the plot of the video.
  • We write unique music to convey the mood and highlight the key moments of the video.
  • We provide animated features and edit the final movie.
How long does it take to create a video?
Everything depends on the planned length of the video, the speed of your answers and the number of orders in the queue. A 1 minute video takes up to 14 days, 3 minute video - from 2 weeks to one month. The countdown starts from the date of incoming prepayment.
And what if I need a video in another language, not in Russian?
Just mention it in the brief: we will translate the approved text into a foreign language, then it will be voiced over by a professional translator or a native speaker. You can always discuss any auxiliary terms with our specialist.
How will I get the finished video?
Your video will be provided in .mp4 or .avi format. Its size depends on the target site:
  • 1920×1080. This is a horizontal frame in high resolution Full HD 1080p. Such videos are perfect for YouTube, VKontakte, Facebook, or for a website.
  • 1080х1080. Square frame, perfect for Instagram publication.
  • 1080 ×1920. Vertical frame, perfect for Instagram stories.
In addition to the video file, we will send you the author's drawings created specifically for your video.
How and when can I pay for the video?
Payment is made on the basis of the invoice. After we examine your business and product, and determine the duration of the video, the manager will contact you to pay the bill. Payment is possible in any convenient way agreed with the manager.
Can I choose a voice talent?
You can choose a male or female voice. If you need another voice, we will pick up more voice talents for your video.
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